How it works?

How to Video:


Locate your nearest “GO” button. Look, there’s one right here!


Tell us where you are going by selecting your destinations. Then we’ll start giving you some information you might find useful, such as weather and the time at your destination.


So you don’t end up wearing your ski goggles on the beach or a bikini on the piste, tell us where you are going, how you are getting there and what you might be doing. We’ve selected a few activities that you might have in mind, but you can add your own kit later!


Now we’ve established WHAT you’re doing and WHERE you’re doing it, you better make sure you’ve done everything in time! Tell us when you are going and who you are going with. Give your list a name like “Hot in Honolulu”, “Itching to get to Ibiza” or “Fishing in France” (poetry optional) and you are done!


If you aren’t a member, you’ll be asked to set up an account so you can log back in later to see how you are getting on, if you are, just log in!


Have a quick browse through your list, we’ve tried to think of everything but you might find something missing. Not a problem, just click “add item” and you can put as many extra things on your list as you like. Are there some bits and bobs you don’t need? Just click “edit list” and you can run down and remove them, easy peasy.

Edit-Add GraphicDelte Item Graphic

When your holiday is approaching, you can also print off handy notes and packing lists to tick off as you pack your items.


Your list is organized into timeframes so you can easily do the things that need doing. Once you have done something on the list, check the box and it’ll move out of your way so you can work down your list. Keep popping back to see how you are doing.


Two weeks before you go, we’ll send you an email to remind you of what you need to do before you go. We are working on adding more reminder emails, this will be rolled out soon!

You will also receive our newsletter which contains useful advice and travelling tips. You can choose how we contact you from your account management page.


We only use your holiday data to provide you with your list and emails and nothing else. You can delete your lists and account at any time, and once our backup cycle is complete (once a week) , your data will have been deleted completely from our systems.


We welcome comments and feedback on every aspect of the site, so please get in touch on our Contact Page.

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